Warranty Information


ABC offers a warranty against the faulty workmanship and

faulty materials, commencing on the date of pick up or delivery and is only

valid to the issued person (s) as stated on the invoice. This warranty does not

extend to general ware and tear, damage caused by misuse or negligence from the

owner. Failure to comply with ABC’s care and maintenance instructions will void

the warranty.In additions to exclusions stated above, ABC also excludes

from the warranty; small manufacturing deviations that have no effect on the

performance of the bed, Comfort issues relating to customers preferences, fit

of Manchester items and handles as these are not intended to be used in the

process of lifting or turning the mattress. During the warranty period if ABC is contented that the

material or workmanship is faulty, we shall repair or replace the product

depending on the severity. In saying this, the warranty period will not be

extended or changed as a result of repair or replacement under the terms of

this warranty or otherwise. Within the first 12 months of purchase ABC will

cover any costs of freight for replacement or repair. Outside of this period

the customer will be liable to pay a fee for freight. This is listed below and

will vary depending on state.-         

ACT $40.00 INC GST         

NSW $55.00 IINC GST         

VIC $119.00 INC GST         

Rural NSW or VIC $159.00 INC GST         

QLD $159.00 INC GST         

Rural QLD $199.00 INC GST         

Other states will be judged on a case by case

basis. During the process of repair, ABC reserves the right to

substitute materials of equal value or quality if the subjected material is not

available at the time of repair. Body impressions on the top of a mattress are normal as the

upholstery is adjusting the individuals body contour. This on its own does not

constitute a fault with the mattress. On a pillow top mattress up to 40mm

deviation is normal, and 30mm for non-pillow top mattresses.All mattresses need to be rotated on a regular basis. For

single sided mattresses you need to rotate 180 degrees, and for double sided

rotate 180 degrees and flip. This should be done once every 2 weeks for the

first month, then once a month for the duration of the warranty period.


ABC Mattresses are suitable for slat bases. Below is important

information to consider when purchasing a base.Correct base support in essential for longevity of a

mattress. Dipping in sections or inappropriate bases may void any warranty on

the mattress. This can be sow in excessive wrinkling and dipping in the surface

of the mattress.Some sleepers will experience excessive rolling or

inadequate support due to inadequate base types. Some slat or mesh bases may

require a center rail and a leg to the floor to prevent dipping or sagging.

This is a greater need for double, queen, and king sizes. Timber slats must

have a smooth finish to prevent splinter and scuff damage and be securely

fastened to the frame at each end to prevent slipping. A breathable insulator

pad or blanket is recommended between the slats and the mattress. Slats wider

than 14cm may cause mildew by not allowing enough moisture to be evaporated.

Gaps must not exceed 10cm between uncovered slats, anything exceeding this does

not support the spring system properly and may void the warranty.

We recommend getting an ABC base to suit your new ABC